Deliciously edible food, just tiny!

Deliciously edible food, just tiny!

dolls house cooking - Table Manners of Broadway


Are these miniature renditions of tasty meals the most peculiar culinary trend yet?

From courgette pasta to cauliflower pizza crust, the online culinary community is no stranger to the unorthodox or avant garde. This latest trend, however, sees chefs creating tiny plates of beautifully presented, deliciously edible food.

With dolls house sized functional kitchen and utensils, miniature pizzas, donuts, a bowl of nachos and even beef wellington are cooked and served alongside delicate cutlery and presented on adorable doll-house plates and tables.

With the online series “Tiny Kitchens” by Tastemade specialising in showing the intricate process of cooking these tiny meals, viewers quickly found themselves captivated by the quirky trend.

Ingredients are stored inside tiny jars which are then expertly blended and crafted into delicious meals. With no gas or electricity powering the tiny kitchens, a tealight heats the stove, with the food often taking mere seconds to cook.

It’s an absurd take on the traditional cooking show format, but a highly entertaining one no doubt!

If Tastemade’s quirky passion for tiny food has got you inspired to get creative in the kitchen, visit us at our store in Broadway for more practically sized, but equally beautiful kitchen essentials.




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