Kitchen myths you can ignore

Kitchen myths you can ignore

Kitchen myths - Table Manners of Broadway


I found this great article in the Telegraph which debunks some well known kitchen myths. The actual information is from a New Scientist article where they asked a group of food scientists to evaluate fifteen kitchen myths to find if they were accurate or not.

They range from time and energy saving tips, my favourite being that it seems you don’t need to stir risotto to make it creamy through to safety advice covering bacteria. It seems it is safer to put leftovers in the fridge straightaway rather than leaving them to cool first, as that makes it much more difficult for bacteria to multiply.

Another good safety tip is to use wooden chopping boards as salmonella and E.coli dies on wood. If you prefer plastic boards it is very important you replace them regularly and particularly after they have been scored with a knife. We stock lots of different wooden boards in the shop as well as anti bacterial ones and colour coded ones to help you keep meat and vegetable cutting separate.

Unfortunately the well known tip to wash and peel onions before chopping to stop you from crying is debunked, the chemicals that make our eyes water are only released when the onion is cut!


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