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indonesian cooking - Table Manners of Broadway

Exploring Indonesian Cuisine

Exploring Indonesian Cuisine A second article on exciting international cuisine is inspired by a piece in the New York Times about a restaurant in Queens. Awang Kitchen sounds fabulous – Chicken is poached in coconut water for tenderness and a hint of sweetness. Catfish is saturated for hours in lemon and lime, then fried and […]

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Summerfruit - Table Manners of Broadway

Preparing summer fruit

Preparing summer fruit Summer is a wonderful time and there is such an abundance of fruit and hopefully the warm weather to fully enjoy it. We have a whole category full of products to help prepare fruit and summer vegetables, including soft silicon tongs for those who want to turn softer items such as peeled […]

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Kitchen myths - Table Manners of Broadway

Kitchen myths you can ignore

Kitchen myths you can ignore   I found this great article in the Telegraph which debunks some well known kitchen myths. The actual information is from a New Scientist article where they asked a group of food scientists to evaluate fifteen kitchen myths to find if they were accurate or not. They range from time and energy saving tips, my […]

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Modern Ethiopian cooking

Modern Ethiopian cooking is the first in a series of interesting and tasty cuisines that I thought might be fun to talk about on the site and add recipes where possible. This is from a wonderful article in the Washington Post – click here to read and enjoy The dish shown looks spectacular and I […]

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Asparagus Festival 2017 - Table Manners of Broadway

British Asparagus Festival 2017

  The British Asparagus Festival 2017 begins today and runs till June 21st. One of the most wonderful things about living near Evesham is the amazing produce we grow locally, most famous of which must be our asparagus. And every year we celebrate locally with the festival. There are lots of events on over the […]

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